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Spline creates solutions for automotive industry at every stage of product development. We are a design agency tackling contemporary challenges in the areas of communication and technology. In Spline, we are aware how important innovation is. Collaborating with the largest automotive OEM's we do our best to optimize our work with the business objectives and unique know-how of our clients – we learn from the best. That is why we can assure our clients: Spline knows, how to manage complex projects. We create development prospects for our business partners towards improving existing products, designing a totally new solution or plotting the path of development for future, currently undefined solutions. In Spline we bet on strategic partnership and improvement of existing products. Technologies of today’s world develop so fast that anything and everything is becoming possible. We are proud of what our team has achieved so far and we know that collaboration will take us a step further.

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We are experts in class A surface modelling, which involves designing high quality 3D models for automotive industry by means of specialized CAD software. Class A modelling combines: technical production requirements, compliance with technical specification and original design concept. The models are very particular – they precisely reflect every element of the design object.


We specialize in vehicle engineering: mechanical, electrical, electronic and software. We are also experts in the area of safety standards applicable during design, production and exploitation of passenger cars and heavy trucks, motorcycles and appropriate engineering subsystems.


We keep developing in the areas of conceptual design for the largest automotive brands. We also provide industrial design services for other industrial branches. Our design process always includes an in-depth analysis of client’s needs as a basis for development of a tailored concept, demonstrated in the form of realistic visualizations and renders. We also provide technical support at every stage of project execution.

HMI Development

We design digital products for automotive industry. We offer our clients a range of expert design services, starting with research and conceptual works, through the complete project development, all the way to programing implementation. Our experienced designers apply the best design practices, including in-depth testing of every product designed by the team. We provide our clients with comprehensive support in the execution of the entire process of digital solution development.

Our Team

In Spline, we pay close attention both to the work atmosphere within the company and to developing the best standards for our clients. Our international team is composed of experts with years of experience in automotive industry which enables customized and holistic approach to every project executed by Spline. What is the secret of our team success? Together, we have designed an efficient model of design process management based on excellent team communication. We keep developing to assist our clients with introducing the most interesting ideas to the international automotive market. Our resources consist of four group of competencies: engineering, design, managerial and technological.

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