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Thousands of worked hours, hundreds of modelled parts, several completed projects. We participated in projects at each stage of car design. Starting from concept models, through prototypes, SOP, up to modifications of production parts.

We gained our experience in Poland, Germany, England, Sweden, in exterior and interior. Not many companies in Poland may boast such a reliable and rich experience in the field of surfacing and coordinationin automotive as we do. We are a part of generation that cares for each element of a smart project. We base on current trends, we rely on management applications, we use video conferencing, thus breaking the barrier that is often a lack of central R&D facility in a project.

We believe that these are our assets, which guarantee timeliness and high quality. In turn, our versatility is guaranteed by our experience in less standard projects, such as invisible body elements, headlamps interiors or rims.

In the field of design, we cooperate with Tadeusz Jelec – an extraordinary person that many companies dream to work with. Already during his studies, he was spotted by Peter Stevens himself – the designer of cars such as McLaren F1 or Jaguar XJR-15 (the parts of which were also designed by Jelec). He was offered work in TWR, where he was given a breakneck task – redesigning Jaguar XJ within merely 10 days. He was successful enough to be invited to work in Jaguar Design Studio. For Jaguar, he was creating the image of next generations of cars for 30 years. Currently, in cooperation with Spline, he will take on new challenges associated with design.

As a Design Manager, Tadeusz Jelec monitored design projects for 25 years in Jaguar. He perfectly knows the processes and the framework needed for a project to maintain its nature and aesthetics. Over the years, he proved his team management skills, he supervised horizontal and vertical flow of information within an organisation. Through his open approach and a natural ability to convey his enormous knowledge, he educated generations of designers, coordinators, and managers.

Our team

MSc. Daniel Rzepliński

In 2011, that is right after he finished his studies, he moved to Germany, where he gained his first experience in design. Through his hard work, he was invited to work in Jaguar, where for the next 3 years he actively participated in modelling well-known interiors. The originator and one of the pillars of Spline.

Eng. Karol Kominek

A professional with extremely wide knowledge of modelling. He participated in numerous body and interior design projects as the main modeller. This experience proved useful when he became the body design projects coordinator in VWN. A co-owner of Spline.

Eng. Piotr Wyderski

An experienced modeller who developed his skills when working for numerous car manufacturers. He has substantial knowledge and skills associated with interior and body design. He coordinated both single parts and whole projects for VWN. A co-owner of Spline.

MA Tadeusz Jelec

He began his career as a designer right after graduating from Chelsea School of Art and Design, London. At first, he worked in TWR. After successful completion of a project for Jaguar Sport, he was offered work in the Jaguar Cars’ own design studio, where he worked until April 2019 as a Design Manager.

Bartosz Płóciennik

He was recommended to us by dr Marta Więckowska, a dean of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He shows commitment and easily acquires new knowledge in every field. He learned Maya as a hobby, in Spline he gains experience in Surfacing .

MSc. Mateusz Sanakiewicz

The main engineer responsible for construction of plastic elements. Currently, he cooperates with Jaguar.

MSc. Patryk Kosmala

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, he models at a quality level envied by others. More experienced colleagues. A team player who can rise to the challenge in difficult situations.

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