Driven by Design 2024

Driven by Design 2024

Spline Academy is excited to announce the second edition of our "Driven by Design" competition! We're looking for passionate individuals who love designing and have an interest in cars. This time, we're focusing on car dashboards. It's a fantastic opportunity for aspiring designers to showcase their creativity and ideas.

Dear students!

Showcase your talent and win big! With prizes of 10,000 PLN for first place, 3,000 PLN for second, and 1,000 PLN for third, this competition is your chance to shine. Join us in shaping the future of design as we adapt to the era of self-driving cars!

What do you need to design?

For this project, we’re tasking you solely with designing a car dashboard. Leveraging our comp
any’s experience in collaborating with students, we’re relying on your creativity. Unleash your project to astonish, surprise, and inspire us. No rules apply here. Craft a modern and futuristic 
car dashboard with any elements and using any technique or program of your choice.

Win one of three prizes

10,000 PLN for first place!

3,000 PLN for second place!

1,000 PLN for third place!

How to take a part?


    Participants are required to send their project to by 31 July.
    In the email, include your name, university, email, final project work.

In September and October, we will be contacting the finalists to prepare them for the final exhibition, which will take place in November in Katowice. Then the official awarding of prizes in the contest will be made

Who can participate?

Students of design faculties – (both- bachelor and master) and this year graduation students.
Projects can be prepared in groups of maximum 3 persons.

Update (29.04.2024)

Competition entries will be judged as a whole. That is, the interior of the car. No emphasis on favoring works that include only the dashboard, only the UI/UX of the interface, etc. We are counting on creativity, so the quality and originality of the work will be the main determining factor in the evaluation.

After discussions with universities, we are increasing the maximum number of people making up the project team. From two people to three people.