Driven by Design 2023

As a Spline Academy, we organize the first edition of the competition "Driven by design" , which aims to promote young talents from Polish universities. The participants task will be to create a design in three possible categories: UI/UX Design, Industrial Design, Styling. 

Dear students!

This is an ideal opportunity to showcase your skills and stand out among young talents on the national market. We know how much energy you have to put into your education, so we want to recognise the results of your work! A prize of PLN 4,000 awaits the winner in each category, and PLN 500 awaits the runners-up. We hope that together we can develop innovative ideas and create the future of design!

How to take a part?

The competition is organised for university students. Works will be open for submission from 15 October to 31 December 2023. Entries will be accepted at Announcement of results is planned for 12 January 2024.

    The message should include:

    E-mail title "Driven by Design 2023".
    Attachment 1: The main work: in any format, filename contains the category number, the first and last name of the Participant (in the case of category III, specify the subcategory - a or b), e.g. IIIb Piotr Kowalski.
    Attachment 2: 50cm x 70cm 300dpi file which illustrates the final effect of the work (will be used for marketing purposes)
    Attachment 3: A3 72dpi file which shows the final result of the work (to be used for marketing purposes)
    In the mail: First and last name of the participant, name of the university on behalf of which the student is competing.

Category I: UI/UX Design

Main task: Create a project of interface for a mobile application (in Figma) with specific functions that are compatible with the breathing monitor.


    alert of breath stops over 30 sec
    process for dealing with breath arrests
    monitoring of the newborn's temperature
    breath regularity statistics

Category II: Industrial Design

Main task:  To create a design for a luxury fragrance for the car, including individual functionalities and design objectives.


    mounted on the air vent
    possibility to refill with fragrance

    Design guidelines

    volume 10 ml

Category III: Styling

Main task: To create a styling concept for the yacht for the one of subcategories, taking into account the target persona and the guidelines below:  

    Design subcategories

    A: Interior design
    B: Exterior design

Persona: Female 38 years old, who is a director in a large corporation involved in international transport and also a mother – has three children aged 15, 12 and 5. Values independence and individuality. This women is a fan of Tamara Lempicka. Ecology and environmental protection are important to her. 


    spending holidays with her children
    organizing weekend parties with friends

    Yacht category

    B - offshore


    motor yacht